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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine work to enhance fertility by restoring health and balance to the body, mind, and spirit. We have a successful track record and over a decade of experience with supporting individuals and couples to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Acupuncture has also been shown to be incredibly effective to support natural pregnancy as well as in conjunction with assisted reproductive technologies. We serve all families including single parents, LGBTQ couples, coparents, and surrogates.

Fertility treatments we offer


Celebrating New Beginnings

“Tara, I am so grateful for your assistance and support during our IVF cycle. We are so happy with the outcome and wanted to share the photo of our happy and healthy baby girl!”


Fertility and Pregnancy Support

“Thank you for your treatments and support on one of the most challenging experiences of my life! I felt like I was on a rollercoaster of emotions and acupuncture was so helpful to bring me back to myself. I felt a calmer with treatments and also a deeper connection to my body. Thank you for helping me along this journey and supporting me throughout my difficult pregnancy as well.”


Acupuncture combined with IVF

“I was recommended to come to Therapia by my fertility doctor. I immediately felt at ease and grounded with my treatments and was so lucky to be cared for by the experienced and knowledgeable acupuncturists there. I was very skeptical about trying acupuncture but glad my doctors encouraged me to seek this out.”


“When we could’t conceive for over a year we decided to seek natural medicine support and heard about the benefits of acupuncture. I was never treated like I had a problem or was broken. I felt like a whole person and empowered in my body and my goals. I began a regime of Chinese herbs and weekly acupuncture. After 2 months my cycle was more regular and less painful. My husband also received acupuncture which helped his stress and stamina. Thank you so much for all that you do!”

S.B. & D.B.

Finding Peace

“We have been undergoing IUI treatments for 3 years and recently started IVF. My fertility doctor recommended I get acupuncture. For the first time in years I am feeling more relaxed and calm in my body. Acupuncture is helping me find peace and calm in this really emotionally challenging experience.”


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