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A collaborative approach

Our team offers a collaborative approach to foster health and well being for our patients. Whether you are seeing one practitioner or multiple practitioners and services, we look forward to helping you reach your health and wellness goals.



Dr. Jenna OConnell

Dr. Jenna OConnell, a Portland native, graduated from University of Western States with a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Bachelors in Human Biology as well as extensive training in sports and exercise medicine.

Dr. Jenna treats patients using a conservative, non-invasive, holistic approach knowing that each patient will respond to care differently. Chiropractic treatment can include adjustments, soft tissue therapy, interferential current therapy, nutrition, kinesiotaping, physical therapy and rehabilitation to help patients recover and keep active. Dr. Jenna is skilled in adjusting techniques from traditional manipulative therapy to very gentle adjusting, such as the Activator technique.

Many injuries and conditions can benefit from chiropractic care including: sports injuries, sport performance, motor vehicle accidents, sprains/strains, migraines and headaches, pregnancy, neck pain, midback pain, low back pain, upper and lower extremity pain, repetitive stress injuries, and TMJ pain.

Dr. Jenna lives with her husband and daughter in Portland on their mini farm with dogs, cat, chickens and ducks.


Dr. Sherry Wang Leavitt

Dr. Sherry Wang Leavitt was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California. As a teenager, she suffered from sports injuries and disc bulges in her lower back, which caused her to seek chiropractic care. Her successful recovery
with chiropractic, along with the mentorship of her family chiropractor, eventually led her to pursue a career within the field.

After obtaining a Bachelors of Science in psychobiology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), she attended Life University, where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic. Prior to moving to Portland, Dr. Sherry lived and worked as a chiropractor overseas in Singapore. While practicing in a very busy clinic, she had the opportunity to treat patients with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. But more importantly, she was grateful for the life experience
gained while traveling to other countries and being exposed to many different cultures.

Dr. Sherry is passionate about treating families and people of all ages, ranging from children to the elderly. She has experience treating headaches, migraines, back and neck pain, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, pregnant women, sciatica, tingling/numbness, and much more. Her treatments have been described by patients as firm but also gentle. Dr. Sherry is also a strong believer in empowering her patients to take a proactive approach to their health. Therefore, she gives exercise and lifestyle recommendations in conjunction to her treatments.

In her free time, Dr. Sherry likes to spend time with her husband and daughter, travel, cook, play sports, and work with dogs (she is also certified in animal chiropractic!)


Tara Nikzi

Tara Nikzi began her journey with Chinese Medicine when she was introduced to the healing art as a patient at the age of 12 after a car accident. She is the founder of Therapia Wellness Clinic and is a nationally certified acupuncturist and is licensed by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners. A Portland Native, she envisioned and opened Therapia in early 2011. Tara’s specialties include acute and chronic pain relief (including headaches, joint pain, and arthritis), gastrointestinal problems, anxiety and mood disorders, and dermatological conditions. She has received specialized training in acute trauma as well as sports injury rehabilitation.

While Tara enjoys working with patients on a variety of issues, she has a long-standing interest in acupuncture’s ability to enhance fertility naturally. Tara has been working with fertility clinics in Portland for over 10 years, adding acupuncture benefits to the in vitro fertilization (IVF) program as well.

Tara has extensive knowledge of classical Chinese herbalism and studied the application of Chinese herbs for modern illnesses with leading scholars in China. Today, she integrates her knowledge of Western and Eastern herbal pharmacology to holistically treat patients and enhance the positive effects of acupuncture. She is also well adept to coach patients with diet and lifestyle recommendations to support health and wellness through everyday practices and choices.

An experienced and dedicated acupuncturist, Tara is known for her soothing manner, gentle needling approach, and effective treatments. Outside of the clinic she enjoys gardening, bird watching, taiji, Qi gong, as well as snowboarding on Mt. Hood.


Dawn Moeller

Dawn was first introduced to acupuncture in July 2000 by her veterinarian when her dachshund became partially paralyzed after having back surgery. Within a few months of receiving acupuncture he had made a miraculous recovery! After seeing his results and experiencing it for herself, she decided that she wanted to help other people through acupuncture.

Dawn is board-certified in Acupuncture by the National Commission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She earned her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) in Portland, Oregon. Academic and clinical education included a solid foundation in the theories and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine that was well balanced with education in modern sciences and the biomedical understanding of the human body. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from Colorado State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Science from Oregon Institute of Technology/OHSU. She is fascinated with understanding how organisms and bacteria cause illness and how the body responds to these organisms to overcome diseases. Her solid science background combined with the holistic approach of Chinese medicine allows Dawn to truly get to the root of problems that stand in the way of achieving optimum health.

Dawn’s specialties include but are not limited to stress including anxiety/depression/mood disorders, digestive disorders, low back pain, allergies and headaches. Dawn is married with two daughters. She enjoys spending time with her daughters at the park, doing jigsaw puzzles, watching movies, going shopping, and taking family vacations; especially to Disneyland!

Massage Therapist/Chiropractic Assistant

Rob Brady

Rob studied a contemporary Western style massage at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, and Eastern style massage at Zen Shiatsu Chicago. His style incorporates his numerous years of training in both disciplines. Rob has had training in Doula work by Rachel Dolan Wikersham to support all pregnant clientele. He obtained his massage therapy diploma from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 2005. His training included foundation work in Swedish, myofascial , and body mobilization techniques, along with sports massage, extensive kinesiology, and anatomy. Other recent education has been in precision neuromuscular massage therapy with NM Midwest, and cupping with Cupping Dynamics. Rob has also trained at the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts in Santa Maria, CA, where he focused on acting, voice and breath work, especially diaphragmatic breathing, Linklater, and Alexander techniques. He is nationally certified in Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage, and has over 10,000 hours of experience.
License #24213

Massage Therapist

Chad Snow

Chad always wanted a career that would provide more than just a paycheck. So, after graduating from Ashmead College of Massage in 2003, he began his work as a Massage Therapist under the tutelage of two amazing Zen Therapists. It comes as no surprise that the focus of his work centers on assisting the body to maintain healthy structural balance. Gravity, stress, emotion, injury and environment all contribute to the experience we have in our bodies. When properly aligned, every action, thought and movement comes with ease. You are free to be.

With a relaxed and casual approach you can expect to have muscles, connective tissue and energetic needs addressed. Chad’s holistic approach to short and long term goals and issues is a perfect fit for today’s hectic and challenging lifestyles.

Each client is unique and responds to the treatment that is right for them. Thus, my goal as a practitioner is to present to the client the treatment that elicits healing from within.
License #15173

Massage Therapist

Faith Bales

Faith is a 2012 graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts. She believes in natural medicine and takes a holistic approach in everything she does. Through offering individualized care and tailoring her massages based on patient need, Faith enjoys helping her patients find pain relief, increased mobility, and relaxation.

Faith has always been amazed by the body’s ability to heal itself. After a major car accident, Faith was able to avoid major shoulder surgery with regular acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage treatments, as well as physical therapy. After this experience, she wanted to find a way to support others in healing naturally and decided to go to school for massage.

Faith’s favorite massage styles are Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and prenatal massage. She also offers intra-oral massage therapy which has shown dramatic results with TMJ and other jaw-related concerns. Faith is certified in Reiki Level 2.
An Oregon native, Faith loves spending time with her family which includes her husband and 5 boys, who were all born at home. In her spare time you can find her camping, reading, strength training at the gym, doing jigsaw puzzles, and fermenting her own food.
License #19709

Message Therapist

Emilie Wyrick

Emilie is a Massage Therapist, Active Release Techniques™ Provider and NeuroKinetic Therapy Practitioner who integrates various techniques and protocols to help her clients achieve their goals – whether those include reducing acute or chronic pain, improving athletic performance, or maintaining functional musculoskeletal health. Emilie has also worked as a Personal Trainer for more than 10 years and understands the importance of quality bodywork as an integral part of overall health and fitness. Sessions with Emilie will vary depending on the goals of each individual client and where they are on that given day. Her expertise in movement analysis and functional manual therapy, and her training in therapeutic massage allow for a wide range of treatment types – from a PT-focused session with movement assessments, treatments and homework assignments, to a more classic version of a therapeutic massage – and everything in between.

Emilie has experienced her own health challenges over the years, and those experiences led her along a path to become a health and wellness professional after her previous career as a scientist in the Biomedical and Winemaking industries. After many years battling overweight and dealing with orthopedic limitations, she found inspiration and motivation in the CrossFit community and became a Crossfit L1 Coach and CPT. After a few years, her focus shifted to the identification, treatment and prevention of injuries and dysfunctional movement conditions, and her PT business took off. After a few more years, she decided to become a Manual Therapist and acquired her 500-Hour Certified Massage Therapist designation with the California Massage Therapy Council as well as her NKT Level 3 and ART™ Level 1 certifications. She is a self-admitted life-long learner and strives to keep current on the latest research coming out of the health and wellness industries and will probably want to share that information with you if you’ll let her! Her philosophy is that there is no one treatment that will solve every problem every time, but she WILL help you to find the combination that will allow you achieve your goals.

Massage Therapist

Alan Worf

A perennial student of the body and mind, Alan came to study massage therapy after more than a
decade of practicing and teaching yoga. With its common focus on relaxation, release, and balance of
the body’s tissues, massage was a natural next step in Alan’s healing toolkit. After some informal
massage training in India and Thailand, he was inspired to return home and become certified. His first
formal 750 hour training was only the tip of the iceberg, providing a solid foundation for continued
exploration of a powerful and timeless art.

Alan is fascinated by the variety of different kinds of touch within the scope of massage therapy. He has
studied intense therapies like deep tissue and Thai massage, gentle therapies like Swedish, and
Ayurvedic massage, and very subtle therapies like cranio‐sacral, reiki, and lymphatic massage. Alan has
found that each kind of touch can be just as effectual as any other when used in the right time and
place. Rather than practicing a specific modality, he is dedicated to deciphering which kinds of touch
suit each unique person he works with. In a session with Alan, you can expect an intuitive, expansive,
rhythmic, and gentle touch that helps him listen to your body’s needs. Alan also uses stretching, breathwork,
deep pressure and subtle coaxing as needed to leave you feeling balanced, free, and refreshed.

Alan is a proud new father and gives prenatal and infant massage as well!

Massage Therapist

Leslie Clapp

Leslie Clapp is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Amma Therapy. Her training incompasses deep tissue & acupoint manipulation, swedish techniques, nutrition, and alternative therapies such as Moxibustion, Cupping and Gua Sha. She is currently continuing studies in Biodynamic Cranial Sacral work and Jin Shou Tuina. Leslie is intuitive in her practice, and sees the importance of meeting her clients where they are at, to find ways to integrate positive shifts within the mind, body, and lifestyle. Amma Therapy can support a wide spectrum of imbalances from muscular tension and strains(acute and chronic), digestive issues, headaches, trouble with sleep, menstrual imbalances, anxiety and more.  Amma is a preventive bodywork therapy, which aims to support the system both in a state of balance and imbalance for optimum health. 

 Leslie completed her studies as an Amma Therapist here in Portland at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts. She is a student of Gong Fu and Manual Medicine where she trains at Three Stones Internal Arts in St. Johns. She also has a background in gardening, and has completed training in various outdoor educational studies, such as Permaculture Design and Medicinal Plant Studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She is originally from the East coast, and has been happily living here in Portland with her husband since 2015.

She looks forward to connecting with you wherever you may be on your journey and sharing all that this unique lineage of medicine has to offer.
License #24700

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