Chinese herbal medicine: A quality source

Traditional Remedies for modern life

Before the use of acupuncture, herbal remedies were used to bring healing and balance to both chronic and acute medical problems. Chinese herbs have shown their effectiveness under the scrutiny of both empirical study and modern clinical trials. The most important formulas to treat common illnesses today have been in use for thousands of years. Chinese herbal medicine can significantly increase the benefits of acupuncture and decrease the time of recovery for many conditions.

Benefits of Chinese herbal treatments


“I have been dealing with persistent allergies since I moved to Portland. Since beginning the Chinese herbs I was prescribed at Therapia, I am no longer reaching for my over the counter decongestant. Acupuncture with Chinese herbs is a game changer!”


“I am a pharmacist and I experience severe migraines and headaches especially after a long day of work. I was very skeptical about Chinese medicine as I have tried just about everything to resolve the issue. I was amazed at how effective both acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been. I have not had a migraine since bringing Chinese herbs and my headaches are very mild compared to in the past. I am able to enjoy my work again and actually go out after work and enjoy life too!”


“For over 10 years I had intense migraines that lasted two to three days every month. It was awful. It was suggested that I do weekly acupuncture along with my daily Chinese herbs. I haven’t had a migraine now in 5 months and significantly less frequent and severe headaches.”


“My stomach pain and digestive issues were severe. It was difficult to eat anything that I liked without serious repercussions. I begin taking Chinese herbs and followed Tara’s recommendations for changing my diet. I have not had problems like that since and I’m so grateful for Therapia!”


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